Analysis of Tyre Recycling Business in South Africa

Tyre recycling machine is also known as the rubber pyrolysis plant and is used to convert tyre products into fuel oil. South Africa is one country that has been privileged to enjoy a lot of benefits from the tyre recycling business. The project has been significantly profitable and promising because it enables the country to obtain valuable outputs from waste tires. On top of that, the South African government has been offering tax subsidies to bodies and organizations initiating the tyre recycling in South Africa. The striking advantage of the tyre recycling plants in South Africa is that it makes the tyre manufacturing process easier and cheaper because it is more affordable to recycle used tyres than to manufacture new ones from scratch.

Tyre Recycling Equipment to South Africa
Tyre Recycling Equipment to South Africa

Operation Principle of Tyre Recycling Machine in South Africa

The tyre recycling business in South Africa relies on the pyrolysis process. Pyrolysis is the process by which waste tyres are converted into useful resources such as steel wire, fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas. The conversion process is done effectively by the Beston tyre recycling machine to ensure that it does not pollute the environment. The tyre pyrolysis process happens as explained in details below:

1. The waste tyres are fed into the pyrolysis reactor, and the feeding inlet is tightly secured to prevent entry of air.

2. The reactor is heated to approximately 250 degrees Celcius where rubber vaporizes to form oil gas. The condenser unit converts the oil gas into liquid gas. While the combustible gas produced is recycled back into the reactor chamber for heating purposes.

3. Steel wires and carbon black are retrieved from the waste tyres when the reactor cools down.

Besides recycling waste tyres, the pyrolysis plant is efficient at utilizing other waste materials such as plastics, oil sludge, and regular rubber products. Beston has installed a rubber recycling plant in Korea last year.

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea

Utilization of Products of Tyre Pyrolysis

1. Fuel oil is used to make gasoline, which is used to power vehicles and can also be reprocessed to make lubricants.

2. The combustible gas is recycled to be used as a source of heat energy in the pyrolysis reactor.

3. Steel wires are used to create new metallic objects or can be sold directly in the market.

4. Carbon black is reprocessed to make construction bricks.

Benefits of Beston Tyre Recycling Machinery

1. Advanced Safety Systems- The entire tyre recycling plant is composed of automated alarm systems, safety valves, and explosion-resistant valves that prevent the whole plant from fire accidents.

2. The Machinery is Automated- Automation of the Beston tyre recycling plant ensures that human errors are eliminated from the production process.

3. Eco-Friendly Plant- The tyre recycling plant had dust removal systems, condenser systems, and waste treatment systems that treat toxic substances before they are discharged into the environment making the entire plant environmental-friendly.

4. High-Efficiency Design- The tyre recycling plant recycles the combustible gas back to the reactor chamber for heating purposes. The process ensures that the whole recycling system is as energy-efficient as possible.

Here is a video for you to know the tyre recycling process better.

Economic Benefits of the Tyre Recycling Business

The tyre recycling plant has gained popularity in South Africa because of the following essential economic/environmental reasons:

1. Reclamation of Wastelands- The tyre pyrolysis plant has significantly reduced the number of massive tyre piles in major towns in South Africa such as Cape Town. The reclaimed lands have created more spaces for farming and agricultural activities.

2. Earning South Africa Export Commodities- Through recycling waste tyres, steel wires and fuel oil are produced. These valuable commodities can be exported to other states earning the country foreign exchange.

3. Creation of Employment Opportunities- The waste recycling plant has created jobs for people in the packaging, maintenance, and operation departments.

4. Protection of the Environment From Degradation- The tyre pyrolysis plant helps to regulate the amounts of toxic wastes that are released into the environment. The process goes a long way in maintaining the stable balance of the ecosystem.

5. Maintenance of the Aesthetics of Land- Elimination of huge tyre piles from towns signifies that the streets will look cleaner and more organized than before.

In summary, it is vital to understand the advantages that come with the commissioning of the Beston waste tyre recycling machinery. From the protection of the environment to the creation of job opportunities, the essence of the tyre recycling machinery cannot be overemphasized. The significant benefits explained above make the waste recycling business in South Africa a viable venture to undertake.

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