What is Solid Waste Disposal Plant?

The solid waste treatment plant is the solid waste disposal devices that have a variety of facilities that uses a variety of methods in order to remove the resources that are useful from the solid waste. After the processing of the waste solid can be divided into various raw materials which can later be processed further onto useful products on the society. This plant method is able to improve the environment and remove waste pollution from the environment. The process will create a great profit on you. This process has a high-performance level by sorting out different materials like metals, plastic, bricks, stones, organic matters among others.

Design of Beston Solid Waste Disposal Plant
Design of Beston Solid Waste Disposal Plant

Analysis of Solid Waste Disposal Plant Cost

If at all you need to set up a solid waste disposal plant you need to understand the cost it required in order to be successful. However, for this to be successful here are some aspects that help you. For those who already have the industry, you do not have to worry on this cost. For those who do not have, the first cost for you is through renting or buying your own machine. If at all your project is for the long term it is good to buy your own machine.

Waste cost– yes we understand that waste is generated daily and you are sure that waste is available for your machine. This means that the waste cost will be too low.

Maintenance cost– with products from Beston Machinery, it has a PLC and the monitor system that plays a vital role in the machine. Through the monitor, you are able to monitor the whole operation of the machine. With this system, the cost of maintenance will be low because there are little errors that will occur.

Solid Waste Disposal Plant in Uzbekistan
Solid Waste Disposal Plant in Uzbekistan

Labor cost – with our Beston machine you will not regret because it is an automatic system and therefore there is not necessarily that you need to employ an operator. It requires people not more than 10 in its working and hence cuts the labor cost.

Solid waste disposal equipment cost– the cost of the machine is not rational and hence it varies. With us, our cost is competitive that I am sure you can afford.

Solid Waste Treatment Plant Design in Safety

The Beston solid waste disposal plant is fully automatic on its working- this helps in reducing the major mistakes that might occur in the process.

It is installed with a special odor system control this helps to collect the smell from all the gases and later reprocessed. This guarantees the health of the workers and keeps the environment clean.

The machine also has got the monitor system that monitors all the process and this ensures the safety of the operation of the machine.

Main Equipment of Solid Waste Disposal System

The high working and efficiency of the machine are due to the connection of the structures within it. The machine has got several parts that are meant to improve its efficiency. The main parts include:

Rotary machine

This part is sometimes referred to as the Beston waste disposal plant sales point. Its main purpose is to sort the organic materials depending on their sizes. The part also has got the magnetic separator to separate magnetic materials.

Comprehensive winnowing machine

This part is able to sort all types of material in one system. With it, it is equipped with two blowers of two different sizes that are able to collect both heavy and light materials. The installation of it will be of great help as it is able to work automatically in sorting out.

Comprehensive Winnowing Machine
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine

Plate feeder

This is the main part in which the various materials are put and later conveys it uniformly to the machine in the machine. This part helps in long service, high efficiency, and less noise.

Uniform disturbing machine

This part is mainly used to scatter the wastes that will be used in the next step. These wastes will help in the smooth running and increase efficiency.

Bag breaker

This part plays the main role in waste sorting within the machine. With this stage, the plastic materials that will be present can be broken down. Through this, they will later be processed with other materials.

Here is a video from Beston Youtube for you to know the working process clearly.


Solid waste disposal plant is one of the best investment businesses that you can do. One of the best about it is that the cost of investment is low when compared to the profit that you will make. However, before you embark on the business consider the factors that we have looked.

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